There has been a lot of talk about which stocks will rally based on Hurricane Harvey. Whatever you think about benefiting financially from a disaster is up to you, but there are stocks which seem to make sense. Below are just three of those. There are many others, respond on twitter to this post for other ideas you have an eye on as Hurricane plays.

Have you seen General Motors this week? Its trading like Tesla! The theory is that cars (and trucks) will need to be replaced as flood damaged vehicles are totaled by insurance companies.

Subscribers to Alphatrends are long Generac Holdings (GNRC) based on demand for generators and pumps. Look how the stock traded after Hurricane Sandy..

I dont like to buy stocks which have recent large gaps lower, it usually indicates a problem with the company. BUT. Shares of Deere & Co (DE) look like a good risk/reward here. First, the hurricane story.. If cars are getting replaced because of flood damage, wouldn’t it stand to reason that tractors will need replacement too?

Here are the charts and why it is interesting here ( I have some long exposure already)