There is an issue with files uploading so there will be no video today.

Markets continue to do “what they are supposed to do” in an uptrend. Hold your IWM and IBB, raise stops to level appropriate for YOU!

Stock Updates
long 1210 CHGG maintain stop on balance at 1255
long 1145 CZR maintain stop of 1250
long 5425 XPO maintain stop of 5840
long 5657 CTRP maintain stop of 5682
long 2281 MLCO stop up slightly to 2297
long 2790 SSYS stop up to 2770
long 2073 BLMN stop up to 2074
long 3817 SHAK 1/3 +0.17 balance stopped at 3855 +0.38
long 5310 FIVE 1/3 +0.64 balance stopped 5249 -0.61 net loss approx 0.20/share

HDSN if long from 861 breaking new highs stop to 860
BLDP if long from 290 stop up to 288
CSRA if long from 3119 stop to 3130
CENX if long from 1501 stop 1/3 1644 and balance 1610
SFUN if long 363 stop to breakeven take a little off near 375
SUM if long from 2774 stop up to 2779
CARA a buy today would have come approx 1835 stop below lod on this risky biotech
DATA if u got in, hopefully u took some off near R2 and balance should be sold as it broke below morning low
MDXG we were looking for pullback and go, scratch from list (didnt meet criteria)
NAV if long 3063 then stop below lod
OCUL if long 1155 take some off near R2 and stop 1131 on this risky biotech.