AUDIO cuts out after 2 mintues.

IBB- still setting up nicely, I have small position and considering an add, not sure where yet…
BAH- raise stop on balance to 3670
BLDR- maintain stop of 1488 and look to sell 1/3 1550+
SQ- setup still valid
MBLY- no go due to gap
MXIM- long 4521 1/3 +0.21 stop on blance 4510
TDC- still a valid setup as presented
TXRH – short 4102 1/3 +0.35 stop on balance 4078

CNDT- i bot some 1576 w stop below lod
KEYS, no go off list
LITE- maybe tmrw..
NYT- no go, off the list
PI- no go off the list
TPX – no go, maybe we get rally and better for tmrw
UIS – if in then a stop should go under 14
WYNN- no go due to gap up