I am sure you have noticed the photos which go along with many of the blog posts on the homepage. I add the pictures because I like photography and it adds some color to the site. Most of the photos are taken from the web somewhere and I also include some photos that I have taken (like the one accompanying this post.)

Here is what I want to do going forward, use YOUR photos!!

Please read all the guidelines before you submit a photo.

1- Only pictures that YOU have personally taken (you will be given full credit for the picture.)
2- No nudity or offensive material
3- No “family pictures”
4- Please submit no more than 2 pictures per email. Do not send over whole albums or links to albums and ask us to “pick one you like.” We want the one you like and want to share!
5- I will likely have to resize the picture to get it to show properly on the homepage
6- Uploading the picture means you give Alphatrends Publishing LLC, Brian Shannon and all authorized agents of Alphatrends, the right to use the photo in any format including, but not limited to, any manuals, books, online publications, etc.
7- Make them fun, creative, beautiful, interesting!!

You can submit your photos to atphotosubmit@gmail.com
Please be sure to read the auto-respond email, if you do not receive one please check your spam folder.

This email address will NOT be monitored on a regular basis so please do not expect direct replies in a timely fashion.