Once again, the market shows us that shorting for more than a daytrade is dangerous. Once again it shows us that prior support is only POTENTIAL resistance (IWM). Once again, the market reveals to us that the path of least resistance is HIGHER!!

POT- long 1862 stop on balance remains 1866
DRI- 1/3 +0.66, balance stopped today at 7316 for gain of +0.50/shr
BBY- long 4408 w stop of 4348
KNX- long 3401, 1/3 + 0.14 and stop on balance 33.95

BAH- is setting up like we hoped, it made a new high (which we do not purchase because of where the stock came from in the short term) now we still want to observe how it continues to setup, possible purchase above today high with stop below today low, which is also approx 5dma
GME- right idea, no go due to gap..
PYPL- remove from watch for the day, didnt get our pullback
NM broke the 168 level and behaves well, no point selling on R2 for these little ones, stop 165ish