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Now through the end of July 4, 2016, we are offering a special on annual subscriptions. The promotional prices are:

GOLD regular pricing $799 now $599
SILVER regular pricing $599 now $449
BRONZE regular pricing $249 now $199

There is no trial period with these subscriptions, if you want to better understand the service please look at the blog archives which are at least one week old, those ones are visible without having to login. Here is the link for archives https://alphatrends.net/blog/

To take advantage, please send the appropriate amount via paypal to alphatrendsbook@gmail.com and email back support@alphatrends.net to let us know your payment has gone through. In that email please provide the username and password you would like us to set your account up with and we will have you set up within 24 hours.

The subscriptions These subscriptions are NON REFUNDABLE, please make sure you understand what is included.
These subscriptions do not auto renew, but you will be able to lock in the same price if you request upon expiration in one year.
There are no discounts on monthly or quarterly subscriptions, we want subscribers who will stick with a methodology, not people who are looking for the next hot stock idea!