I apologize for NO AUDIO, I am travelling and could not get it to work on this laptop. The video is short and the ideas are meant as watchlist ideas because I will not be able to update them as I normally do. I will not be in this week but will try to give some ideas and if the market makes a significant change I will try to post a chart or two.

As ALWAYS, there is no hurry to get involved in the morning. Always be aware of where the stock has come from in getting to a trigger point. Quick moves early in the morning should not be trusted. Do not buy stocks which are below the daily vwap, do not short stocks which are above the daily vwap.

We were stopped out of the balance of our JNPR short with a gain of 0.73
HAWK – half was covered with a gain of 0.54 and the balance was stopped out with a gain of 0.09
DFT – long 4081 1/2 was taken off with a gain of 0.41 and we are raising the stop on the balance to 41.68
WUBA – was mentioned in chat on Friday as a daytrade short at 51.93, if you are still short the stop should be 5210, this one looks like it could have a decent drop…
BYD – looks good above 1890 with a stop of 1845
DO – should continue higher once above 2520 with a stop of 2450
HOLX – looks vulnerable to bigger selling once below 3349 with a stop of 3399/

DO NOT CHASE STOCKS in either direction.
Make the trade your own!! IF u think the stop is too tight, set it to a level that is more comfortable for you. If u decide to buy or sell ahead of the trigger just know where your stop is. There is no perfection in trading, it is YOUR money, take responsibility for it using the principles we always talk about.

I hope everyone has a good week and that my absence will motivate you to think more for yourself. When in doubt, sit it out!