We got the initial strength we were looking for from the markets but they did not roll over and give us an opportunity for low-risk shorts as they maintain above 1 n 2 day vwaps. Breadth is strong too 2365 to 552, confirming broad strength. Of our ideas..
AMAT off the list no reason to look for short anymore
BOX still set for short but with strong mkt, only half position fi it does trigger
DFT long 4275 partial off +0.30 at R2, stop on balance 4283
HOLX, SPLK same comment as AMAT
AMD chat mention for daytrade long 374, stop now 375, take half off at R2
MEET looks good above 348 w daytrade stop of 339 or swing stop of 334
SONS maybe bove day high if there is good low-risk stop, will update in chat
UBNT setting up, keep on watch, will update in chat