Sorry about the lack of update, time is limited and I also forgot to pack a microphone, DOH!

Markets continue to be innocent until proven in the intermediate term and it remains very difficult to trust the SPY will not experience a pullback soon. As always, listen to price, it still says uptrend.


BYD hit our stop early, so it is officially out with a gain of .31 Ideally we do not want to take a stop first thing when they open lower so hopefully some of you are still in and if so the best stop now would be below today’s low.

MSFT in at 4715, stop up to 4700 and consider taking some off above 4800

FLT, MRO, PAY and SSYS did not meet entry criteria so they should be removed from further watch.

Below are a few ideas for tomorrow, the purple moving averages are vwaps from the date where they begin.