Please REGISTER HERE for MONDAY’s (June 15, 2014) live event from 5:30-6:30 PM Eastern. We will not discuss any bulletin board stocks or stocks which trade less than 500,000 shares per day.
There are some very simple procedures I ask everyone to follow to ensure that the webinar flows smoothly and that your questions get answered.

1- Questions about market concepts should be sent only to If you would like your question answered please be concise. You can send your questions in at anytime, but they will only be answered during the live event or in subsequent videos.

2- We will discuss your specific stock ideas and use the gotomeeting text chat for those requests, during the meeting I do not monitor other email accounts or the twitter stream for questions.


I am officially switching to TC2000 charts for our videos. TC200 has been super responsive to adding features for Alphatrends including ANCHORED VWAP and SHORT INTEREST. Thank you for using THIS LINK to sign up for TC2000 (less than $100/month) If you are a TC2000 user please send me your TC2000 username and I will send you the layout you see in the video. If you decide to subscribe, please use the link above, it will give Alphatrends credit and they will add more features for us, including 65 minute and 130 minute charts. I have also requsted some other changes and I am told that when AT provides them with enough subscribers they will do them for us and they will also do special AT only webinars on how to maximize the usage of this powerful platform.