There are a lot of compelling reasons to buy $FEYE right now. The company is in a hot sector, they have great fundamentals, an excellent chart and a big short position which looks ready to be squeezed.

Let’s look at the daily chart first

Feye Daily

Drilling down to a 30 minute timeframe we can see more detail of the action over the last six weeks. On this timeframe we “plan our trade”

FEYE 30 Min

I’m not into fundamentals so much but it is nice to see strong growth numbers, it adds confidence to holding a stock for more than a few days.

FEYE fundy

The slide below is from the Alphatrends Trading Course.


I plan on buying this stock on strength and will continue to update it here. The initial upward objective is near $50 but it has the makings of being a much bigger winner! Risk management is job #1!!