Well, the market is weak and that environment is not a fertile one for buying strong stocks, let alone last years dogs! The January Effect is a contrary strategy which simply did not work this year. In fact, it is now 2 years in a row where the January Effect has disappointed.

No one ever said (at least I never did) there was a free lunch on Wall Street! Hopefully, no one experienced more than minimal losses from any of the stocks and maybe you even locked in some gains on the early movers?

After being involved full time in the markets since 1991 I continue to focus on what I believe are three truths.
1- Only price pays- news is a distraction
2- Risk management is job #1
3- The lowest risk, highest profit trades come from trading in the direction of the primary trend.

Thanks for your interest in this contrarian approach. If you are interested in a better way of trading based on a consistent trend alignment metholodogy, please consider a free trial to Alphatrends.

I hope that 2015 is a great year for you!!