PLUG out -.09
NUE in 5440 stop up to 5410
TRMB no entry, take off list
TWTR in 4552 talke half +1.50 and stop on bal to 4660
WRES stop up to 660
ZLTQ looking good longer term short term not as much
AKAM remove from list still early
COMM worst case should have been breakeven trade, remove from list
CROX if in 1585 sto p to 1573
DATA no entry remove from list
DWRE trigger short 54880 half off w +0.80 sto pon bal 5515
FB in 7520 stop 7495
GNTX in 2960 stop 2945
MOBI watch closely this afternoon
P no entry remove from list
THRM in 4750 out hlaf +0.60 stop on bal 4790
TSLA if in 26340 stop to breakeven
TXMD looks good above 558 big short position
NBIX chat mention take at leas half off
TKMR chat 1830 take at least half off and stop up to 1870