This bull market refuses to take more than a few days off. After a volatile week where it looked like equity indexes would finish lower, a strong Friday session saved the market from a deeper pullback.

Strong stock picking skills combined with disciplined money management will out perform in ANY market and that is particularly true in this environment. Click through to access the video review and look ahead at potential market scenarios.

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Dynamics of a Good Short Squeeze Candidate:
How to Find and Avoid Short Squeezes in Your Trading
Tuesday 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time

As pointed out in the media lately, short selling can be very risky business. High profile squeezes in Herbalife (HLF) and Tesla (TSLA) have ignited curiousity amongst those looking for the next squeeze candidate. Brian will discuss short selling in general with strategies and tips to avoid getting squeezed and then move on to finding short squeeze candidates.

The discussion will include historical and current examples of stocks with the potential to be squeezed. We will explore the difference between a “knee jerk squeeze” and a “structural squeeze” and risk management techniques. Technical tools such as Short Interest Ratio (aka days to cover), % float short and volume by price will be discussed as well as (and more importantly) the psychology of when and why squeezes occur.