The trend is lower, but we could be due for a powerful reversal.

Below are four potentially bullish scenarios. The most important part of any trade is risk management.

Any long trade right now should be considered high risk, I could outline potential shorts as well, but it “feels like” a short term bounce is due.

Do not misread this, I am not calling for a reversal, I am pointing out potential bounce scenarios.

On days like tomorrow, the intraday VWAP direction and its location will be very important.

If the vwap is trending lower and you buy, you deserve to lose!

If the intraday vwap is trending higher and you are short, you deserve to lose!

You are a good person who doesn’t deserve to lose your hard earned money, so pay attention to what the market is saying!

gap up pullback and go

2 5 Min gapup pullback n run

2 5min gap down lower low

4 5 min gap down n go