After becoming interested in trading the markets in 2009, I signed up for a subscription to Alphatrends, as well as a few other services. The distinction between Brian’s work and that of the other folks’ was evident almost immediately, so after about a month I cancelled the other services. Even after 3 years, I am continually amazed by Brian’s drive to teach his subscribers his approach to choosing the best trading candidates. He takes the time to go through several timeframes for each ticker he’s proposing, explaining in detail what he is seeing in the setup and why he may see potential for the next day, or even over the next few days. His subscribers not only have multiple solid trading ideas over a broad price range almost every day, but more importantly, have the opportunity to learn to read “the message of the market”. Brian emphasizes the importance of good risk/reward setups, and that’s exactly what he brings to his subscribers in the form of setups. So, whether you want to become well versed in the technical aspects of market structure and trading or just want setups with buy triggers to make some cash, in my opinion, Brian Shannon’s service is second to none.

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