Thursday is the 6th Anniversary of this blog and I sincerely thank all of you for being a part of it.  As I have mentioned, I have decided to drop the price of the annual subscription from $799 to $399.  This offer will only be valid through the end of the April.  It is my hope that you decide to take advantage of the offer, particularly if you are a monthly subscriber, it will be a huge savings!

Here are some of the particulars which you may have questions about

Most of the questions can be handled by sending an email to support (at) stocktwits.com

– I am a current annual subacriber and would like to take advantage but I am unsure of when I am up for renewal. SEND EMAIL to support (at) stocktwits.com to get this done. Your subscription expiration dated will be adjusted to add 12 months.  If (for example) your subscription is up July 1, 2012 you will be charged $399 and your new expiration will be July 1, 2013, but ONLY if you take advantage before the end of April and you must send an email to support @ stocktwits.com which states your intent to take advantage of the offer.

– I am a monthly subscriber and would like to upgrade to an annual subscription.  (SEND EMAIL to support (at) stocktwits.com)

If you have more general questions about this offer, shoot me an email at alphatrends (at) gmail.com Please give it a day or two to get a response, I promise that you will be answered.

BTW, if you are charged $399 for the annual, this will be the new rate at which you will be able to renew as long as you don’t let the account expire.