have you read the newspaper lately?
it can be depressing,
there’s a lot of “bad, scary” stuff going on in the world
especially if you try to make a living from the markets
or so it may seem from our little self involved bubbles

it can be easy to get sucked into the negativity
if you listen to the constant headline bullshit
instead of just being optimistic
and believing that things always get better
they always have, why wouldn’t they now?
whats different?

don’t be bullish or bearish, just be aware..
be aware of news, but don’t always listen
learn to interpret the news in context of what markets say
only price pays…

the great thing about Thanksgiving
is that it “forces us” to be optimistic,
to slow down and appreciate
instead of worry or criticize

being optimistic is very difficult for some people
i have seen too many of those people in my life
i feel badly for them
but also understand the hopelessness
that comes at certain times with life’s challenges

if it isn’t just certain times though..
then it is a sad (and draining) condition

we should all enjoy life
aren’t we meant to?
what is a greater purpose?

you know what I want?
its probably not different than anyone reading this (I think)

I want to make a good living
and feel good about myself while i do that
so i can really enjoy myself
with people i love
doing cool things
and to live life fully

there is so much to enjoy and appreciate
and great people to experience things with
i have someone really special..
and you know it is you LT

i met someone yesterday who seems to have a special appreciation of life
he’s a father of four children, three of his kids were born with a rare form of MDA
it’s called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
I always thought Muscular Dystrophy was one thing
but there are 51(?) types of MD

Duchenne is 100% fatal….. uuugh, how can this guy face the world each day?
knowing that 3/4 of his children will die before they are 25

I know that problems in my life are insignificant
I have a lot to be thankful for
and I bet you do too….

I’m not the fundraising type
if you want to help these kids
and others who face the same certain death sentence enjoy their life a little more
then today I would ask you to consider a small (or large) donation to

Peace and Happy Thanksgiving!