On the chart below I have sketched in what I believe is a likely way which the market will trade today.  Please do not look at it as a roadmap but as a potential scenario.  The key to this pattern unfolding will be {+++} for the market to hold above the rising pullback in the first 10 minutes.  The ideal scenario woud be a rally for 3-5 minutes then a low (relative to advance) volume pullback to the rising daily VWAP, once the market settles in for a few minutes I will be looking for upward momentum to come back into the market at which point I will be a buyer with a stop below the pullback low.  This market trapped a lot of bears and shook out a lot of “weak longs” This upward pressure will have those sellers reconsidering their sells.  Markets are back into their ranges from the daily timeframe, I do  not expect this to be the beginning of a bigger move higher.