{+++}The live webinar was recorded last night but there were issues with the rendering and upload of the file and as of this time the video is unavailable.  I am trying a couple of options to get it posted but am running out of hope.. For those of you who were unable to attend last night I apologize for the inconvenience this has created.  We reviewed some individual stocks (mentioned below) as well as a few themes.

Chinese stocks such as MPEL, ASIA, GU are all worth watching.

Shipping stocks- we noted the weakness and fascination with finding a bottom in DRYS while other shipping stocks act much better.  Stocks worth watching in the shipping group are; EXM (see spreadsheet) EGLE and OCNF (very specualtive).

Solar stocks are firming up after strong reaction to earnings from FSLR and other stocks are showing they may be good purchase candidates soon.  We looked at SPWRA, WFR, EMKR, JASO, CSIQ,  YGE, SOL and SOLF.