I have included a short summary of entry possibilities and “worst case stops” for the stocks mentioned in the video.{+++} Keep in mind that no one can catch all the good ones or avoid the bad ones, keep share size reasonable and be aware of potential catalysts such as earnings announcements. We are in earnings season and I have also included the expected earnings dates for each of the stocks mentioned. This table will be a regular part of the trade ideas video. I hope you caught the educational presentation I did this evening, it should give you an idea of what to expect for future educational seminars I am planning just for subscribers. Also, I am going to get better at gotomeeting so we can intereact this Sunday, lot of good things happening and I’m glad to have all of you aboard.

If you did miss it, here is the link of the recording from TONIGHT’S PRESENTATION. It is entirely educational and it will be good to watch at your convenience.

The stop on ISIS is incorrectly listed at 15.05, it should be 15.45

One more thing… the quality of the videos is going to be as good as it can get in the very near term (by end of week) we are working out some small bugs and appreciate your patience.