Here is the link for this evenings free EDUCATIONAL WEBINAR which will be 100% educational.  This event is oversubscribed premium users look at this post under premium page for tips on getting in. {+++}

Therefore, it is appropriate that we explain to you how GoToWebinar works in those situations:
a) the 1,000 room capacity is a real-time count of the number of participants IN THE ROOM at any given time.
b) best thing to do is login as early as you can
c) if you are late and there are more than 1,000 participants in the room already, you have to wait and login after an attendee leaves the webinar
d) if you are in the room and lose your connection, you are subject to the same rules
e) we need to enforce one question and/or stock name per attendee as this webinar is planned for 90 minutes only.