One of the biggest problems with Wall St is the lack of independent thinking. It seems as though any good idea gets piled on until it no longer works and then the game becomes one of blame and excuses of a “perfect storm which couldn’t be avoided”, etc. The lack of personable responsibility can be sickening if you pay much attention, which I try not to do. I find it more refreshing to listen to truly independent “visionary” types who move forward with a positive attitude.

At the top of the list of those with insightful observations is my friend Howard Lindzon. If you don’t know Howard, he is entrepreneurial, smart, outspoken and funny; a great combination in this industry full of “stuffed shirt” types. Because of these characteristics, Howard has become quite successful in creating many businesses. I am not trying to kiss Howards ass, just let you know the background and the point of view he writes from in his excellent book “The Wallstrip Edge”. Howard isn’t a chart guy like me, but his strategy of buying good brands combined with strong price momentum makes sense to me from an investing point of view. Something that we both agree upon is managing risk, you cannot just buy and hold, and Howard devotes an entire chapter to money management.

I am not going to do a long review of the book, instead I am going to ask you to trust me that it is a well spent $25 if you take the market seriously. You can buy the book on his WEBSITE