Video Trend Analysis 2/28/09

I apologize, there was a problem recording the audio rather than recording it again tune in tomorrow live. Live chart analysis SUNDAY 6:30 PM EasternCONTINUED AUDIO ISSUES FORCED ME TO CANCEL, SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE Message me on twitter with ideas you would like to see reviewed, only one per person please.

Traders Tax Update

Here is an email I received in response to the post about the traders tax. hey brian, i am a board member with the boston securities traders association. we met with congressman barney frank last thursday to discuss the ftt proposal. he assured us that it was off the table for this presidential cycle (the … Read More

Support & Resistance Levels

The markets have been given another stay of execution but they remain very hard to trust with so many levels of potential resistance above. The market remains difficult to trust in either direction and the only edge I can find is in daytrades. Key levels in SPY, QQQQ and IWM SPYSupport76.2575.7575.00Reisistance78.5080.50 QQQQS28.5028.15R29.2029.60 IWMS40.0039.50R41.6543.00