I receive a lot of positive feedback about MY BOOK but don’t post it because I know it can be annoying to read on this site constantly. Here is a nice one I received last night.


i just wanted to give you some feedback on your book

it’s exactly what i’ve been looking for. your system clicks for me like tumblers in a lock. the only system i ever felt a positive intuition for was IBD. something about buying on strength / selling on weakness just feels right and that i’m comfortable with. i avoid knife catching.. don’t like it… at all

your system is golden Brian. i just can’t tell you how much misunderstanding you’ve cleared up for me. i’ve been trading for 2 years. if i only had this book from the start

i just want to say thanks.. and well done!!!

all the best,

Here’s another sent to me this morning

Brian, i have been trading for about two years. Over that period i have probably read over 50 trading books. Then i came across your book and i must say…it is one of the best trading books i’ve ever read. It is the only book one needs to be successfull in the markets.
99% of the books out there focus on bullshit indicators or systems that never work.


Andrew P