are risky and there is no telling if we will see new lows or if buyers will show up near the 5DMA but it is coming into range quickly. There is no point buying at the 5DMA, it is just a location of POTENTIAL support. The correct approach is to analyze the shorter term timeframes for evidence that there is ACTUAL support. Do not lose sight of the fact that we are in a bear market. You should print a copy of THESE CHARTS and refer to them for perspective.

Had $3600 in profits yesterday, trading very conservatively off your system.

Your book, website and videos are great, and the tiny updates you make during the day are dead on.

The techniques in the book are really simple, which is the best part—it’s worth at least 5x its price. (No one would ever pay that, though, probably).

I keep mentioning your book on the trading site, and mention the book and your website to traders I meet.

I’ve traded for 10 years, used lots of indicators and read lots of books, but never realized how simple trading could be, nor the potentials for consistent profit.

Whatever I can do to pay you back for the all the great information, through referring people to your site and to your book, or otherwise, please let me know. I’ll happily write a testimonial. Your book has changed everything for me.

Sincerest thanks,

Thanks Shaun, this is a testimonial.