I counted my books on options and technical analysis this PM – I have 37 of them (ranging from classics to a whole bunch of new ones). I can honestly say, after finishing your book this PM, it is by far the best book I own. Just a fantastic job…..way to go.
I loved everything about it. I especially liked the last chapter that showed how you tackle this business. I only wish there was more specific examples. As we talked in Vegas, I hope you start a paid service soon that shows your subscribers more detailed trades (some intraday).
It is going to take years for people to get to your level of understanding….. There is a lot to learn via school of hard knox, but we can only go through this journey one step at a time…….
Thanks again…..the best $80 I ever spent
Frank F

I want to thank you for writing such an easy to read, no fluff, eye opening book on technical analysis. In reviewing my trade journal and charts, I was an “amateur” technician but I’ve already implemented changes to make me a better trader thanks to you. I’ve been full time trading for two years and my only trading education was taught through Investools which gave me a good overall basis but as a swing trader I was taught on the daily charts only. In so many trades I was whipsawed and gave back all kinds of profit where too many trades turned into losses by basing my exits on the daily chart only. Your trend alignment and executing on the shorter term timeframe was one of those “Aahha” moments. I’ve always felt close to being a really good trader, I followed my rules, had a plan, stuck to my stops etc. Your book was the final and biggest piece to the puzzle for me on why I wasn’t doing better.
By the way, the font size, color charts and book binding were great as well. The book would lay flat as I took notes, seems minor but it made it easier.
Of course, thanks for your work on the blog as well. Many “successful” traders (I think) I had previously followed always made a point by bragging about this or that trade which made me feel like a bad trader if I missed a move. I have always appreciated your professionalism.
Andy T