Hi Brian

Just finished your book and I have only one thing to say: thankyou for writting it and sharing your deep knowledge about markets and about trading. It is easy to read and to understand even for me, not a English native speaker and new in trading.

Having read a large amount of books and manuals about trading, I realize that simplicity in writing and trading is the most complex task to achive, and you did both, congratulations. You are not only a vocational trader, also a vocational educator and I appreciate the fact that I can continue communicating with the author in order to go on on my learning.
Take care

Finally got your book up here in Ontario Canada. I’ll be getting into it this weekend.

Just saw a couple of people mention price but have to say that to me your daily video analysis/class ALONE is worth the price I paid for the book.
Thank you for caring enough to share your knowledge each trading day and in your book. Hopefully a number of us will be successful over the coming months and be able to regale you with our stories of the good trades we made and the “big ones” we missed but will catch “next time”!
You are certainly managing to make this interesting and, (dare I admit it?) FUN!
Charles R

I am reading your book for the 2nd time, in just two days, since receiving it and I must say it is a “classic” the day it came off the press. For me, the simple but overlooked concept of “trend” is what you have elegantly defined and it has already made a very real impact on my trading that has paid for the book 10 times over. With all of the fancy indicators out there most people are overlooking a simple question that you articulate so well “is the stock/market making higher highs and higher lows for an uptrend and vice versa for a downtrend on multiple timeframes?” If it’s not trending why frustrate yourself in stage 1 or 3! I’ve traded for years and I can’t believed I missed the forest through the trees! Thanks for the clarity! Tom T.


Hi Brian,
I bought your book and made my first trade this morning using what I learned from the book. I bought 200 shares of SWSI and pocketed $192 (after commissions). I cost myself about $70 selling a little too soon, but profit is profit. The book has already paid for itself.
Thanks for the book and your website,
Rick S