I have to say this is the best book on trading I’ve ever read!! I’m sure some people will say it is overpriced before they read it – I don’t think you priced it high enough! This is everything you need to know in a nutshell. Thanks again!

Received your book. Outstanding! Better than I had hoped. Will be at the convention in Ontario on Saturday. Where and when? Please let me know! Drinks on me!

Tom H

I want to thank you for writing such a great book. I received my copy last week and read through it immediately, but continue to go back through it. I have been studying for about six months and reading everything I can get my hands on and your book is exactly what I needed. Thanks again.


I had doubts about spending $80 on your book but went ahead anyway. I am glad I did. In the two days I’ve traded this week my account is up 11% risking less than 50% of my capital, thanks to aligning trends in multiple time frames. I have a better system in place to say no to riskier trades that might otherwise appear to be hot. I have a more to learn and more to put into place but reading your book and only trading with trend alignment has made a difference.