By conveying the psychology behind the market conditions expressed by charts, Mr. Shannon has conferred upon technical analysis what was in my mind a much-needed air of legitimacy. Rather than explicate the newest fads for identifying bullish candlestick formations in stocks, he articulates the underlying dynamics of supply and demand that heretofore have been under-emphasized in technical analysis literature. In doing so, the book doesn’t just establish TA as something more than “a great way to predict where stocks have been”, it establishes it as indispensable tool for well-informed trading.

But the book isn’t only about the true nature of moving averages and trend lines (though, even it were, it would still be more than worth the price of admission). By expounding the inextricable influences of timing, risk management, and self-discipline, Shannon has written a book that wraps everything up into a complete guide for formulating your own approach to successful trading.

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