Below are some stocks I will be watching for potential trades next week. When I look for stocks to trade I do not set out to find longs or shorts, I just look for what appear to be low risk opportunities. This week I have quite a few more bullish looking stocks than bearish ones. I have not checked any fundamental news for any of these stocks and I am not making any recommendations, only showing you where I think there is the potential for movement. Risk management is job #1, do not chase stocks which have already moved. When entering any of these stocks, be sure to assess risk relative to reward on shorter term time frames and if that concept is not one you are familiar with there is an excellent book on the subject that I know of…



The screen captures of the charts are from FINVIZ Each time I visit Finviz, I am more impressed with the excellent information they provide, be sure to check the Insider tab if you have any interest in what insiders are doing in their stocks.