Last Saturday I posted some stocks I would be watching for Potential trend trades those stocks are in the table below. As much as I liked some of the setups, I did not expect the group to do as well as they did. The average stock on the list gained over 8% on the week. Seventeen of the stocks were up more than 10%! The best performing stocks were related to solar, shipping and Chinese companies. Of course there were losers too. Only one of the six short sale candidates declined in price, but the worst loser was a long candidate. The stock which lost the most was one I traded and posted the trade on FEED As the title of that post indicates, risk management is job number one of any market participant. I traded that stock long on the day it dropped hard but because of my risk management, I still made money on the trade.

I do not recommend individual stock trades, I trade the stocks on the list and do not ever want to be accused of shady dealings by telling anyone to buy a stock which I already own. If I did not trade them myself, then I might give buy and sell instructions, but if you really want to succeed in the markets you need to think for yourself. To find out how I find these stocks, how I trade the stocks on the list and how I manage risk, it is laid out very clearly IN MY BOOK Seventy five bucks isn’t much for that info.

Here are some new ideas. I will continue to trade stocks like SOLF, CSUN, etc but I have not included many of the names which have already run, the ones below appear to be near a low risk entry level with good trend potential. Anticipate all scenarios, wait for price action to confirm before taking action and then aggressively manage risk with discipline.

If you expect nothing
and are prepared for anyything
you should never be surprised.