can be a catalyst for large price movements. This week we will see a heavy release of earnings from some large and influential stocks. I will be watching those large ones for market direction and possibly some trade opportunities, but being options expiration week, there can be some “special situations” to take advantage of with at the money to slightly out of the money options. For a very small portion of my risk capital, I sometimes purchase options on stocks where there appears to be a large potential move. Because the path of least resistance for the market is lower, I am choosing to concentrate on put positions this week. Some of the stocks I am considering purchasing puts on are:
The only fundamental information I am aware of in any of these stocks is that they are reporting earnings this week. These are bets. High risk, high potential reward. I trade them small. I do not have any favorites from the list and I may trade all or none of them. I do not make any recommendations so I will not answer any email questions regarding trade specific information. Good luck if you choose to trade any of them.