Thanks to everyone who attended today.

The class this evening (I’m attending from the Middle east…) was very useful to me as a part time trader,
it broke a lot of myths, gave me useful knowledge, and therefore more confidence
“playing” with the market,
waiting for the next class…
Thanks again!

Yonatan M

Great class for me to attend; When and why to buy and sell is important in my career as a stock trader. I recommend this class to anyone who is interested in same, preferably before attending the “school of hard knocks” like I did
Brian is very knowledgeable and articulate.
The class discusses lots of charts, investment entry strategy, several exit strategies and the underlying market psychology in 3 hours. Class format includes using the phone (a free call) for the audio portion and your Windows PC for the slide show — perfect!
Thanks for your time Brian!


Hi Brian,
I found the content of Brian’s class on trend analysis to be excellent. The examples are clear and numerous, made by a good presenter who speaks clearly and does not get off on inappropriate tangents. I recommend this class for anyone who wants an increased understanding the technical aspects of the market and who desires to fully understand investment strategies based on multiple time frame analysis.

Mike K

Thank you for a thorough session. Your commentary style is especially comfortable for the listener and combined with the content for multiple timeframe evaluation of entry and exits not only provided me with new knowledge, but helped me with an technique which I have always struggled with. After class I went out and executed two profitable trades using the method. Thanks for the time and information.