Some joker has been making comments (see comment in post below from Andrew “can IWM turn here”) that I am not a “real trader” and that my performance sucks and that I am a fraud. I know I shouldn’t respond but I’m hoping this will shut him up. In March of 2006, I started a long only stocks under $25/share account at a firm which independantly tracks the accounts performance (for business reasons, I closed the account at the end of 2007), the Nasdaq 100 was at approximately 42 when I started trading that account and at the end of 2007 the Qs were at 52, so the market rallied approximately 23%. The account I traded at this firm was a small one ($30,000) and the NET profit during that time was $16,435.64 or approximately 55%. I placed 435 trades in that account and made money on 210 of them, that’s right…I lost money more often than I made it in that account but still more than doubled the strongest market benchmark. If that sucks then I am guilty. This clown also mentions a futures account I traded there briefly. I lost approximately $1,400 on a $15,000 account in a month of trading futures and prudently closed the account after realizing that futures do not suit my style.

I trade several other larger accounts and the performance of those accounts is no ones business. If you read my blog because you expect me to be right all the time then stop reading. If you want to criticize me I do not mind, just do it like a man and stop hiding behind bogus login names. I find it funny that this person hangs on my every word and then tells me I suck…quit reading dude!