Apparently there is some confusion about my current market stance from today’s video so I will clarify. The market is sending mixed messages from multiple timeframes, which indicates indecision that will take time to work through. It appears that the sellers have the upper hand right now but to be fully bearish on the SPY does not make sense to me yet. I made the case for a POTENTIAL inverse head and shoulders pattern which may now be forming the right shoulder. IF the market is in fact forming this pattern we only know AFTER the pattern has completed but anticipating all potential scenarios keeps opinions from getting in the way of listening to the market objectively. I have been trading the market primarily from the short side lately (EXM, VMW were a few trades I shared here). I am also trading the solar stocks on the long side because, for now, they are immune to the overall market weakness and are screaming higher. There are great opportunities in this market long and short with all the volatility and the most disciplined and flexible daytraders will be rewarded with the largest gains in this environment.