is one of the most fascinating aspects of trading. Attempting to understand human nature as it gets represented on the charts is an art, not a science, which means you have to make a lot of assumptions. This morning when I posted a message about a potential short squeeze candidate, the response was overwhemingly positive with most people sending in a reasonable amount. There have been a couple of people who were extra generous and of course some who came close to my “insult level”. Part of the reason I didn’t suggest a minimum was to see what people value an idea like this one at, for me, it was a study of psychology. The one response that intrigues me most is a guy who sent an “e-check” in the morning, I sent him the information and then he cancelled the check! I guess he thinks he is a good trader, I think he’s a jerk. I’m tempted to post his name and address here to call him out, but that would just be sinking to his level. The stock is behaving well and for more aggressive traders, you can raise the stop a dime above the level I suggested in the email.