buying call options on Apple Inc (AAPL) just before going on spring break with my family in March of 2004. The stock was breaking past resistance to multiple year highs near 15.00/ share and I thougth there would be a good trade but wanted to limit my risk because I wouldn’t be watching it while on vacation. I guess I should have taken a three year vacation and a longer term option. I do not like to look back at how much I “could have made”, to me that is a losers game. A lot of people have made a lot of money buying and holding Apple and there will be many more short term trades that I will participate in. If you are holding the stock and have large unrealized profits accumulated my best advice is to be defensive. Every stock goes down at some point so be sure you have an exit strategy in mind for when that day does come. Lindsay is having issues with her Dell on WALLSTRIP and heads out on the streets for insights about AAPL.