The chart below is some information requested from “RP”, he asked for the VWAP from today and this week. I also added the VWAP from August 16 through today and then August 17 through today. What this chart reveals is that from the large volume reversal we saw on the 16th, the Qs have traded at an average price of 46.49, this is a level that may be defended by the bulls, but the trend is lower so I wouldn’t buy based on that (guilty til proven innocent). Of more interest is that from the Fed’s “surprise move” through todays close, the average transaction in the Qs was executed at a price of 47.01. This is of more interest because many participants feel that move signaled the time when it was “safe” to enter the markets again. You have to think that the average participant is doubting their purchases and that could lead to more fearful selling.