reported earnings after the bell, I have no idea what they were, I was too busy looking at the tick chart to try to determine where a trade might exist. Trading after hours is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by most individuals unless they are very quick to exit losses. The trade I was looking for was a bounce from the after hours Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) represented by the thin blue line on the chart below. When the VWAP is rising, it often acts as support for a trade, fortunately I decided not to take the trade on the next test of VWAP because it failed to hold. Why didn’t I take that trade? Because the more times the VWAP (or support or a trendline, etc.) is tested, the more likely it is to fail to hold. It’s too bad that EBAY couldn’t hold onto the initial gains, it would have made for a great breakout play above multi year highs above 35.41, maybe next time.