review of class today

Brian Shannon;

I’ve been a trader for many years.
I’ve participated in many seminars.
After today, I can say that this is the best money on education I’ve spent in a long time.
I found your 3 1/2 hour presentation to be most excellent!
Being a lecturer, I found your teaching very systematic and concise.
More importantly, your many years of experience as a trader came through with example after example.
It is obvious that you are very insightful about market psychology and the use of price, volume and moving averages in your execution of stock trades.
I’ve always loved your daily blogs and now I know the power of the mind behind it!

Ronald M
St. Clair Shores, MI


Thanks for your efforts in the class. I both appreciated and enjoyed it.

I admire your ability to break your train of thought in the lecture to
answer a question and then to return to the lecture. I think it a
valuable talent.

You “talk” better when you have your pencil in hand. As you draw S/R and
trend lines, etc., I find your explanations get more detailed and
specific. Again, a valuable talent.

I thought the class well worth the cost. As an investor who has decided
to move a portion of his account into swing trading, I cannot think of a
better introduction. I will have no fear of recommending the class to

Cheers: Jim C

I echo what Ronald M and Jim C had to say about your class today. Very concise and efficient. The people who might have been looking for a “system” are likely not as impressed as I. It’s refreshing to hear from a pro that black boxes, stochastics and “systems” are not gifts from the Messiah. People (so-called pros) who “sell” those systems are little more than modern-day snake-oil salesman.

Dear Brian,

Thank you for an awesome class today! It was time and money
well spent. Before today I had heard many of the things before but I did
not know how to properly interpret what I was seeing. You were able to
really explain it in a way that I understood. It is very interesting to
hear about the various forces at work in the market. Also I was able to
identify 2-3 things I was doing incorrectly and I will fine tune many more.
After following your blog for almost a year now this class was exactly what
I hoped. You do a great job sharing your experience with others and every
bit of the information was trult valuabe. Tell me when the next class will

Thank you,

Paul R
Manchester, NH

Just a note to express my appreciation for the class on Friday. As a somewhat new trader trying to find my way, your insights are the most valuable I have yet come across. I learned more in three hours than I had in the last year. I’m thankful to have discovered the blog site, and look forward to learning more every day.
Mark K