I’m not seeing a lot of good setups right now, most of the charts that look good are lower priced stocks and that usually isn’t a good sign. I bought calls in two stocks with the options expiring on Friday. One of the stocks is a potential breakoug/ short squeeze play and the other is a bet on earnings/ potential short squeeze play. If you are interested in finding out the names of the company’s and hearing how I determined how much to place at risk there are still a few seats left in this morning’s free online class which I will be doing at 11:00 AM Eastern. To participate, call 1-877-658-9473 to register. The class will feature 2 way audio so you can ask questions and I will also share my screen for you to view. The session will last 45 minutes to an hour.

Howard got a new iPhone and shows it off to Lindsay on WALLSTRIP this morning.