I am often asked how many stocks I watch each day. The list below is a photo of my actual watchlist for tomorrow. I may trade anywhere from 1-10 of these stocks on any given day, some of them I will hold overnight too, they aren’t all trades. For instance, I am long calls in PWAV and OSTK and own LBIX and a small position in HANS, I also have short exposure to SEIC and OMRI. The stocks with a line to the left of the symbol are ones that I would consider for a video to share with you on this blog. If you have questions about this list please ask them in the comments, do not email..I will delete it.

The numbers to the right of the symbols are levels I will input into RealTick alerts section and when the stock trades at that level I will reccive an audio and visual alert which tells me to watch the stock closely.

Remember, a bad idea in the hands of a good trader is more valuable than a good idea in the hands of a bad trader. Trading skills matter more than the ideas. If you trade any of these stocks be sure to use stops!