I have been battling (successfully) with eBay Inc.(EBAY) after hours today and simply don’t feel like recording a video right now. Below is a chart of the after hours trading in EBAY today, the chart starts at 4:00 Eastern and concludes at approx 5:40. The chart I use to trade after hours is a tick chart with each bar showing 100 ticks. The red moving average is the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) for trading during this time, it changes dynamically in real time. A general rule I use in the after hours is to trade in the direction of the VWAP, if price is above VWAP and VWAP is rising I look for long opportunities. If the VWAP is declining and price is below VWAP I look for opportunities to short. Today EBAY provided great long and short opportunities. EBAY closed the regular session at $34.45 and while the stock is higher in after hours, as long as price is below VWAP it means that the average transaction occurred higher and that means there are a lot of people who bought the stock after hours who are now losing money.