Thanks to those who attended the online class on Friday, below is some feedback from the attendees. Mark your calendar for February 23, the date of the next one. MORE DETAILS

Very honest, intelligent, insightful class. Aung

I enjoyed Brian’s class this morning. It was easy to follow and I learned a few keys things I have been doing wrong. I feel they will help me alot in my future trades.Brian is low key, but very knowledgeable. I like the class material that I can print out to review. The only problem I had was the audio portion being on the phone, it was distracting at times with other noises. I would highly recommend this class though!
Renay 1/19/07

Great class. Definitely helped my stock analysis and made me thinking differently about trading.
I’ve gone back and researched about 15 stocks based on what I learnt, and the tips/fundamentals I learned from the class worked.
I am planning to look at another 15-20 stocks and look at them at a historical basis to learn more.
Thank you for your time, and effort.
Have a nice weekend.

I attended the online training class on Trend Alignment today, 1/19/07.
It was very informative and highlighted the areas. I learned a lot about Moving Average indicator.
I would like to point out the plus and minus of this class.
Plus: Well designed, good graph examples, focused approach about trends and psychology. The instructor seem to have good knowledge and experience about the market trend and psychology of the traders.
Cons: At the end of the class I felt like it was rushed to be finished on time. Hope the pace was the same till the end. Could have touched other screening methods or indicators.
Over all it is a well prepared class to prepare the traders well.!