Bird flu flares anew in Asia, Indonesian boy dies – reports bird flu has infected a farmer in China’s first human case in months, killed an Indonesian teenager and spread deeper in Vietnam in a flare-up of infections mirroring past winters. A second Indonesian bird flu victim, a 37-year-old woman from Banten Province on Java island, was in hospital on Wednesday, the World Health Organization said. The Chinese man from the eastern province of Anhui kept backyard birds, but as in other human bird flu cases in China there was no reported poultry outbreak in the area, raising questions as to how he contracted the virus. “In China, the challenge is now to identify where this virus is hiding and how it is circulating,” Henk Bekedam, the WHO’s China representative, told Reuters. Bekedam said that as vaccination rates for birds improve in China, detecting avian influenza becomes harder and harder, offering a possible explanation for why there was no reported outbreak where the farmer lived.

My Take
Bird flu stocks could get going here on the perception of a possible fear induced return to these speculative stocks. Most of the stocks related to this disease are small, unprofitable biotech stocks with little proven science, remember these are trades only. I have purchased HEB because it has the best chart and I am also watching GNBT, PPHM, AVII and SIGA for possible entry.