I’ve been thinking about the lack of good low risk setups in the market and it brought about these thoughts.

-The market is picked over, when stocks like SIGA, ADSX, WFII, CMGI, CHTR are rallying this strong it is a sign of excess speculation. These are the types of stocks which were rallying when I started this blog in April

-When on wallstrip (a show about stocks hitting new highs) we are talking about stocks like, MO, PG, HOG, AEOS, etc.. and looking at how extended their stocks are it is tough to figure “who is left to buy”

-I am hearing more talk from non-trader types (neighbors, people at the gym, etc.) about how great the market is doing. The public is rarely enthusiastic near the beginning or even middle of a trend, their money usually comes into the market near the……

-More momentum names (SNDK, ISRG, NTRI, GRMN, AMD, APOL, IDCC, IVGN, PPDI) are “blowing up” after earnings reports (this is similar to the March-April quarterly earnings releases)

-Semiconductors are dangerously close to breaking down (or is it a bear trap?, I doubt it)

-It will always be “a market of stocks” and the right picks and disciplined implementation of a well thought out plan which emphasizes money management will always outperform “the market”.

-There is always something to worry about. Business as Usual!