That is how I feel. I am completely disgusted with my lack of discipline today. I started out the day with a negative bias and got aggressively short some large positions, I forgot that the market doesn’t care what I think. My job is not to force my opinion on the market, who the hell am I? My opinions don’t matter to the market! Neither do yours or anyone elses for more than a day or two. Our job as traders is to objectively listen to the message of the market and then place reasonalble sized bets relative to our account size and then manage risk. In theory, trading is so simple, but in practice we become our own worst enemies. I know what I did wrong today and I deserve the losses I accumulated, we all get what we deserve from the markets. It still sucks to lose and I share this with you so you can see that everyone has bad days, not just you. It is a nice day and I am going to go enjoy it with my boys who have the day off from school. I need to get away from the market and regain my focus so I can get it back and then some next week!