Friday is options expiration and that is a great day to NOT TRADE. So what should you do with all that free time? Why not take the online class I am conducting through marketwise? Tomorrow night I will email you a PDF version of the class materials and Friday we will be live from 10AM to 1PM eastern. This class is conducted via Webex which means you will see my screen (and we will look at the market live too) and you will have the ability to ask questions via the 800 number conference line. This class explains how cyclical analysis works and which timeframes you should consider for daytrading, swing trading and even investing. I will also show you how I find winning stocks like the ones we have had this week (STEM, SIGA, CONR, CHRW, etc). The course is normally priced at $299, but using the code “alpha2” on the signup page will allow you to participate for just $239. If you ask me $239 is a low price to learn what has taken me years to develop.