Thanks to BRETT STEENBARGER and TRADER MIKE for linking their readers to the class.

Great course, very informative and allowed you a birds eye view into the true way you analyze the market on a day to day basis. The PowerPoint provided will be an invaluable reference, much cheaper than the books upon books which have turned out to be useless.
Thanks and hope to send you some of my ideas in the future;
Ted K

I really enjoyed your class today… time and money well spent. I
have been trading for a couple of years now and am always trying to
learn and sharpen my skills. I enjoy how honest and low key you are.
I respect that. I review your blog often and really find myself
learning a lot from it. Setups and learning the right time to buy is
This was my first marketwise class and can’t wait to take more… I
can’t wait to try to profiler.
Thanks again and have a great weekend.
PS… occasionally i email u with questions and wanted to make sure
you know how much I appreciate your honesty and promptness of your

Thanks Brian, Your course was an eye opener. The material was
presented in a clear and concise manner. I am tired of losing money
from betting on so called gurus “fundamentally sound,” stock picks.
The application of this course will empower me to profit through
objective analysis instead of guru reinforced hope. Thank You
Brian. With High Regards Vic

Hello Brian.
Greetings from Paris, France!
What a great course – great depth, but easily understood by the beginner. My comments:
1. Consider making the course 3.5 or 4 hours . . . it is so fast moving and captivating that I would have given another hour of my time.
2. Don’t eliminate slide 83 . . . you talked it in a valuable and meaningful way.
3. The business plan slides are really valuable to me personally. You may wish offer discussion of this topic alone if you feel you cannot fit it into this course, because it is very appealing to those of use having an entrepreneurial disposition.
4. I really liked the fact that you mentioned how much misinformation there is out there. I would like you to go more deeply into explaining how many of the traditional indicators (MACD, etc.) are really not worth the effort – emphasize that the trend and mastery of multiple time frames provide all that one requires – but they must be mastered.
5. I would like to hear more anecdotes of your successes and non-successes over the years, so I could learn from your experiences. I feel they are valuable because they are real world applications of the tools, rather than half-baked theories you get in the books that are based upon back tested data manipulated to fit someone’s theory. You experience is leadership by example.
6. After we have taken the course, please let us know what level of contact/interaction with you via e-mail is acceptable. Do you mind if we ask you question and bounce our ideas off of you in order to avoid mistakes that you recognize and we are ignorant of – also, perhaps we can contribute something back to you.
7. You might consider advising the students of what other courses/topics you already teach, or are willing to teach. I know I would like to take other courses from you
That’s all the input I can offer . . . I hope you find it of value.
Thanks so much for your time today. This was both valuable and enjoyable.
–Barry K

Hi Brian;

I don’t know if this is a duplicate email. I looks like the other one didn’t go thru.
I really enjoyed your seminar today. What I liked about it was that the material was well organized and concise and it gave us real info that will help to define our priorities.
It was refreshing not to hear the same old rehash of useless,common, indicators that you often get in trading seminars.
One suggestion. Merge audio with computer so you don’t have to hang on the phone for three hours. It would also lessen distractions.
Thanks and great work. Keep it up!

All the best,

Outstanding class this morning. I learned to appreciate your no-nonsense and straight shooting style from your daily videos. The class was well structured, very informative and will really help me in the process of demystifying the technical analysis. As you stated “It is not a science, it is an art”, and as with any art this also leaves a lot of room for personal interpretation. I like the techniques and disciplines you teach in this class and they will surely help me in my daily efforts to make the right trades.

As for the daily video, I like to thank you helping me through that difficult process of accepting losses. It is so easy to get excited about the wins, but those $%#$ losses………….. Every book writes about it, but to hear you talk about it when a trade does not work your way is very refreshing. “No reason to get involved in this stock”, “We got stopped out with a small loss”. Although you have picked great wins, I learn as much about how you deal with losses.

Keep up the good work.


Brian, just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I enjoyed the class on “Trend Alignment” this morning. Understanding the stages of the market on the macro time frame and correlating it to the micro time frame is very valuable. Learning that these stages manifest themselves in all time frames is extremely helpful in planning all phases of your trades, entries, stops, and exits. Many thanks for putting all this together.


Hi Brian,

Thank you for allowing me to benefit from your years of experience in a focused session via your online class. Based on your daily analyses via Alphatrends, I have made more money and have preserved the gains more consistently than I was able to in the past. I just participated in your online class and have gained a fundamental understanding of what goes on behind your analysis of each trade.The insight I have gleaned from your class, “Profiting from Trend Alignment”, will provide a foundation for a more disciplined approach to my future trading. I do intend to take each trade and “make it my own”.
Thanks again for offering this class. It came along just as I was wondering if you offered classes. I look forward
to your next class.

Don Wang